Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 15 Jan 2024

RCF Maximizes Sound Coverage for Mielec Sports and Entertainment Hall

Located in the heart of Mielec, Poland, the Mielec Sports and Entertainment Hall is a modern facility that serves as a testament to innovation and acoustic excellence. Opened in August of 2023, this multi-functional venue is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system designed to cater to the diverse needs of its users, from sports enthusiasts to concertgoers.

To ensure crystal-clear sound quality throughout the facility, a variety of RCF loudspeaker systems have been strategically placed. The sports and entertainment hall features RCF COMPACT M series loudspeakers that provide exceptional sound quality and coverage, complemented by S series subwoofers for deep bass reinforcement. The swimming pool area utilizes RCF P series loudspeakers, which are renowned for their resilience in demanding and humid environments. Additionally, RCF WMR 60T loudspeakers enhance the sound experience in the entrance area.

In order to make the facility accessible to everyone, induction loops have been installed in the main hall and on the stand in the swimming pool hall. These loops transmit sound directly to hearing aids, enabling individuals with hearing impairments to fully participate in events and activities.

The intricate sound system was executed by TOMMEX, a leading provider of audio solutions and official RCF install products distributor for Poland. Their expertise in design, delivery, installation, commissioning, and tuning ensured that the system perfectly complements the architectural design and acoustic requirements of the Mielec Sports and Entertainment Hall.

Photos provided by Mielec City Hall

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