SHOPPING CENTERS Installation 17 Nov 2010

RCF in Australia

Eyewear giant OPSM (Luxottica overseas) recently opened the first of a series of concept stores in Melbourne's Hawthorn. The venue, shaped like a giant eyeball is laden with cameras and touch screens allowing customers to try on sunglasses and take photos of themselves.
Prolight and Sound fitted the venue and lead designer Jonathan Sinclair decided that using RCF speakers was a winning solution.
RCF MQ 50 and RCF PL60 ceiling speakers were mounted throughout the store and the main body of the retainer space was fitted with suspended RCF MQ 60 speakers.
OPSM were delighted with the results as the venue sound great and the speakers are not intrusive to the architecture of the space.
This is the first of several OPSM concept stores to be rolled out throughout Australia.