Installation HOTELS AND SPA 25 Jun 2015

RCF brings sound and safety to QC Terme's spas and resorts

RCF has recently provided the sound system of the spa in the historic villa of Abegg Palace in Turin, Italy, and the thermal resort of San Pellegrino, near Bergamo, with an area of more than 6000 mq. Both facilities belong to QC Terme, a company born in 1982 and now including some of the most important thermal destinations of the Italian peninsula.
RCF has designed both the music and the evacuation systems with a detailed outline of the solution’s architecture and the speakers’ positioning on the map. Through accurate acoustic simulations it has been possible to ensure sound pressure and intelligibility levels in accordance with the current regulation’s parameters, and to satisfy the customer’s needs for music diffusion in the various areas of the resorts. Thanks to the EASE 4.3 simulation software, that uses 3D modeling to reproduce the buildings, RCF has virtually reconstructed the architecture of the main areas simulating the acoustic behaviour and the final result with great precision.
The two resorts offer a highly relaxing and restoring experience, thus the presence of background music is an essential element. QC Terme had required a system able to manage multiple sources, with dedicated functions and tracks according to the type of ambience. The customer also wanted to provide each setting with a remote control for volume regulation, with the possibility to use different audio sources, such as mp3 readers. According to QC Terme’s requirements, RCF has worked separately on each area devoted to well-being, setting a context-specific system for the diffusion of background music in each area.
The whole system is managed and equalized by a digital matrix in the control room, that is also the starting point of power cables for the speakers’ connection and signal cables for the remote controls. The equipment chosen includes DM 61 and MQ 80P two-way speakers, allowing a very natural and open sound reproduction, ideal for background music diffusion in outdoor environments or humid spaces. The horn-loaded MQ 80P is particularly efficient and very appropriate for audio systems in large areas, also in the open air. Both speakers feature the IP 55 protection, indicating an excellent level of isolation towards liquids and solids.
RCF has a long-standing experience in providing electroacoustic solutions for emergency evacuation. The company has provided QC Terme’s resorts with a system compliant with regulatory standards, that guarantees total priority on music and high intelligibility of alarm messages in case of emergency.

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