Event 22 Sep 2015

Outstanding RCF audio system for Italian music event of the year

A concert lasting more than three hours, and performed in front of more than 150.000 fans, was a fitting way for Luciano Ligabue, one of the Italy's best-known singers, to celebrate a career lasting 25 years. Several events industry professional lent their support to help realise effective and innovative solutions for the show, under the supervision of production director Franco Comanducci.
Once again, Ligabue and his management chose RCF for the sound reinforcement system. “The collaboration with RCF dates back to 2012,” the artist’s manager Claudio Maioli explains, recalling the concerts at Royal Albert Hall in 2012, at the Verona Arena in 2013 and the tour of sports arenas and stadia in 2014. For this 2015 celebration RCF designed a system of 2 MegaWatt of power, able to offer flawless audio coverage to the enormous listening area, measuring more than 120.000 square meters.
The impressive main system was composed of two clusters of 24 TTL55-A active three-way speakers in flown configuration, plus two clusters of 12 TTL36-AS subwoofers. Moreover 72 TTS56-A subwoofers (electronically curved, in cardioid configuration) were placed on the ground to reinforce low frequencies. On top of the, 20 units of TTL33-A II active three-way modules were used as front-fill. Two clusters of 20 TTL55-A were used as side-fill, and stage monitors were also from RCF (in the shape of TT45-SMA and TT25-SMA).
RCF engineers noted that, the main requirement of the project was to cover the large distance between the stage and public – the back rows being at a record distance of around 300 m. The listening area was divided into four zones in order to ensure a perfect output of the sound timbre and good SPL level. The first zone was covered directly by the main system, whereas the others were supported by purpose designed delay lines.
The first delay line comprised six clusters of 16 TTL55-A arrays in each. For the second delay line, located 120 metres from the stage, seven clusters of 12 TTL55-A and 4 TTS56-A subwoofers each were used. Finally the third delay, 170 metres back from the stage, was composed of six clusters of 12 TTL55-A, plus four TTS56-A each to reinforce low frequencies. The use of RCF's proprietary RDNet monitoring system during the show allowed RCF engineers to have a real-time remote control of the system’s state, and adjust the EQs through a tablet computer.
Alberto Butturini, FoH engineer of the show, was more than satisfied with the system. “The system delivered huge power and perfect timbre for a concert where guitars have a dominant role,” he commented. “I achieved excellent results on the frequencies of Ligabue’s voice, which stood out in the best possible way from a powerful mix, full of instruments.” Remembering his previous experiences during Ligabue’s tour, Butturini states: “RCF’s systems were highly effective even in the toughest venues, such as some sports arenas with acoustically challenging environments.”
Willy Gubellini, owner of rental company Nuovo Service with over 30 years of experience, highlighted an additional strength of RCF’s system: the compact size of the speakers with amplifiers on board, that helped reduce weight and footprint. Gubellini also praised the quality of RCF’s human resources and their important contribution to the huge event: “Another winning trait of this concert was the excellent relationship that we established with RCF’s team, whose competence and willingness to help supported us in setting up the installation in the best possible way,” he explained. A mix of high-level technical competence and passion for sound, were the ingredients that, led to another unqualified success for RCF with Ligabue.
N.48 TTL55-A main N.40 TTL55-A side-fill N.24 TTL36-AS subwoofer N. 72 TTS56-A subwoofer N. 20 TTL33-A II frontfill
1st DELAY: 6x16 TTL55-A, 2x4 TTS56-A 2nd DELAY: 7x12 TTL55-A, 7x4 TTS56-A 3rd DELAY: 6x12 TTL55-A, 6x4 TTS56-A
N. 6 TT45-SMA monitor N. 6 TT25-SMA monitor

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