The Narodna Zirka TV Show

RCF TT+ at the TV Show “Narodna Zirka” with Ukrainian stars
The Ukrainian PA division of Eurhythmics supplied the sound system to the fourth season of the All-Ukrainian vocal TV show “Narodna Zirka” (based on the “American Idol” concept) broadcasted on the leading TV channel “Ukrajina”.
For the last three years, millions of Ukrainians has been watching the live broadcast of this incredibly fascinating contest where the pairs, consisting of “the most popular star + common people artist” competed for winning the People’s Star title.
The fourth season was again a successfully show and one of the most watched TV shows in Ukraine.
Eurhythmics PA division have been cooperating with the “Ukrajina” broadcast channel for all the seasons of the contest and during all this period they provided sound with RCF sound equipment:
At this season several RCF TT+ Line Array sound reinforcement and compact monitors was used at the shows:
Active wideband speakers: RCF TTL33A
Active subwoofers: RCF TTS28A
Compact monitor systems: RCF Monitor44