Event 17 Jul 2015

Benny Benassi celebrates with RCF

What do Benny Benassi and RCF have in common? Besides the passion for sound and entertainment, the famous DJ and the historic company share the same origin – the town of Reggio Emilia, RCF headquarters and birthplace of the artist.
On the night of 1 July the whole town danced to the music of the audio visual show that was born from the collaboration between Benny Benassi and RCF. The DJ performed in the beautiful scenario of the central square and façade of the Valli theatre, in the historical center of Reggio Emilia. The open-air concert attracted thousands of people of all ages.
The DJ set was amplified with an audio system developed by RCF with the products of the TT+ range. The beating heart of the system was the three-way active line array TTL33-A, winner of the Readers’ Choice Awards 2013 sponsored by ProSoundWeb and Live Sound international magazines, perfect for the needs of live performances and outdoor concerts. During the show Benny Benassi used the RCF Iconica headphones, offering deep bass reproduction and excellent comfort.
The night was not just dedicated to art and entertainment, but it was also part of an initiative aimed at supporting One Drop, a no profit organisation in the field of water emergency. A video mapping on the façade of the Valli theatre completed the DJ set with a visual support of great impact.
Watch the beginning of the show here.