The M20 MyRemote app gives you a compact control option for your RCF M 20 Serie digital mixer, providing control of MIX busses on tablets and smartphones. The app does not pass audio, and it connects to the console via WiFi; therefore, a WiFi access point is required, connected to the mixer. M20 MyRemote lets you:

  • Select the monitor mix (MIX1 to MIX8).
  • View channels numbers, names and mix master meter.
  • Control the mix master level.
  • Control the mix send levels.

M20 MyRemote main view is equivalent to the FADERS > MIX subpages on M20 MixRemote app, and is designed to fit on the screen of a smartphone.

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Four buses are dedicated to internal FX engines, arranged as two high-quality digital-reverbs, a programmable delay and a fourth FX which can be configured as delay or modulation. All FX engines offer multiple algorithms to match the specific needs of a show. It is possible to reserve one reverb for some inputs and use the second reverb as a general-purpose FX for other sources.

REVERB | Hall, Plate, Room, Ambience.
DELAY | Stereo, Modern, Vintage, Dual, Early Reflections.
MODULATION | Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo.

Record and Playback

The M 20X offers several options for recording and playback.

Internal SD Multitrack Record/Playback
All 20 inputs can be recorded in multitrack WAV format on the local SD card, and played back as channel inputs, no computer required.
Multichannel usb 2.0 Audio Interface
A 24-track, 24-bit, 48-kHz low-latency USB audio interface is available and allows access to all inputs and several internal signal nodes. Extensive routing options allow both offline soundcheck and host-based effects processing.
USB Srive Stereo Player/Recorder
A flexible stereo file player can access USB mass storage devices (up to four different drives), with arbitrary sample rate, in MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats.
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M 20 X Overview.

  • Firmware Update.
  • I/O Setup Signals Routing.
  • Connections with Computer as audio card.
  • Network Setting – Connection with IOS and Android Apps.
  • User Keys.
  • Stereo and Multitrack Player and Recorder.
  • Multitrack with an External DAW.
  • Data Backup and Restore.

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