The Eclectic Violinist Andrea Casta Chooses TT+ Audio

With his glowing bow that evokes a Jedi Lightsaber, electric violinist Andrea Casta is known as the “Jedi Violinist”. Casta performs over 200 concerts a year that reach more than 2 million live spectators. The artist has taken his music to over 30 countries and boasts a social fanbase of nearly half a million followers. His recent tour, "The Space Violin - Visual Concert", sold out in major Italian cities. He was awarded Best Performer at the Dance Music Awards in 2018 and 2022.

Many of Casta’s performances are smaller, “boutique”, events. For those, the artist has chosen a TT+ Audio System that satisfies his desire to bring the highest possible sound quality and musical clarity to his audiences while being highly versatile, portable and aesthetically discreet.

“My smaller performances were a real challenge,” said Casta. "I needed a compact and easily transportable system, capable of taking my music to my audiences with the same quality found on big live stages. And I wanted it to integrate well with the architecture of both modern and classic venues.”

He continued, "As a long-time RCF customer, I chose their new brand, TT+ Audio,  and created a system with  TT 515-A full-range loudspeakers and the TT 808-AS subwoofer. I’ve been using this system for several months now, and it  has proven perfect for my needs, offering a timbral clarity I’ve never experienced before with a compact system."

The TT 515-A is a compact, versatile two-way loudspeaker with two 5” neodymium woofers, a 1.75” titanium compression driver and a 100° x 70° coverage pattern that’s capable of delivering up to 127 dB of high-quality audio. The TT 808-AS subwoofer features two high-power, 8-inch, front-loaded bass reflex woofers. Both loudspeakers are powered by onboard, 1,000W RMS Class-D amplifiers. Both models can be controlled via RDNet software, allowing quick and easy system tuning and optimization.

Casta uses modern musical technology to enhance his wide range of musical styles, "My needs are similar to those of a DJ on one hand and an acoustic act on the other. I use high levels of compression on the bases for a sharp and contemporary sound. For my electric violin, I found my timbre using custom IRs (impulse response models) that add resonances and harmonics profiled by ancient acoustic violins. The TT+ Audio system produces these two worlds beautifully."

Casta added, "In addition to its excellent sound quality, my TT+ Audio System is both attractive and discreet, which adds an element of credibility to my medium and small events. There is an extensive sensation of clarity, from the lowest pressures to the volume peaks. So far, I've used the system  in stereophonic mode, but I plan to use it soon in immersive systems, too."

Lucio Boiardi Serri, TT+ Audio's Product Specia list & Application Engineer, commented, “The best audio system is one that does not limit an artist’s performance. Today's technology is capable not only of reproducing with precision but also of enriching the performance, allowing artists to offer their audience a show precisely as it was conceived. With artists like Andrea Casta and brands like TT+ Audio, the future of live music is brighter than ever."

In addition to the sound, the TT 515 + 808 is both attractive and discreet which adds an element of credibility to my setup. It has proven to be a winning choice in the market for medium and small events.
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