Installation PLACES OF WORSHIP 21 Jan 2008

RCF sound system for the Santo Volto Church in Turin

RCF designed and realized the complete audio system for the Santo Volto Church, a very important house of worship in Turin.
RCF project team had to find the right solution in order to sonorize all the different spaces of the building.
In fact the Church, designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta, is composed by a main hall with 700 seats, seven towers 35 meters high, a subterranean multi purpose room and the offices for the administration. The overall surface is 12000 square meters. Each ambience has it’s own characteristic which required a specific acoustic design in order to obtain the maximum sound quality.
The audio project was made by RCF’s Massimiliano Piva for EL SRL Ing. Zorzi Renzo design studio. The installation was made by Kopa Engineering S.p.A..
C5112-L loudspeakers were used for the main nave of the Church, PL 81/A ceiling speakers were installed in the and, together with some Monitor 44T, were used for the other rooms. On the outside of the building C3110 have been installed. All the loudspeakers are powered with HC 3200, HC 2000 and 4000 Series power amplifiers: models UP 4161 and UP 4121.
The choir zone has been amplified with Monitor 55 on the floor and C3110 installed on the ceiling. The loudspeakers are powered with an HC 2000 power amplifier. Also a MX 1822 mixing console has been installed in order to mix the sound of the microphones for the singers.
More C3110 loudspeakers, powered with an HC1600, have been installed in the weekday chapel.
The big subterranean multi-purpose room has been sonorized with C3108 loudspeakers powered by HC 3200 stereo power amplifiers.
PL70BS ceiling speakers and DM 41 compact speakers have been installed for the offices of the administration and HD2414/T horn speakers have been used for the garden. All the loudspeakers are powered by a Flexa Modular Integrated System.
All sound systems runs trough a series of control racks, all equipped with RCF’s components and products.
The amplification system of the Sacro Volto Church is an example of RCF ability to design and build the right solution for any sound needs.