Installation PUBLIC SPACES 03 Jan 2023

RCF Sound System for the Multimedia Fountain in Jedlina-Zdrój

Residents and tourists of Jedlina-Zdrój have been treated to an exciting new attraction this summer holiday season: a multimedia fountain featuring lighting and RCF sound technology. The fountain is part of the "Revitalization of post-mining urban areas" project, which aims to make the tourist offerings of the health resort more appealing by modernizing the Northern Park as a spa and recreation area.

The fountain has been a hit, with multimedia shows featuring film and rock music being held every Friday to Sunday until the end of August. To ensure that these shows have top-quality sound, the fountain utilizes RCF P 3115T loudspeaker units installed by Tommex, RCF official distributor for RCF Install products in Poland. These speakers provide sound for the entire area around the fountain and a large portion of the Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park), and are capable of delivering a wide operating range, high sound pressure level, and uniform coverage.

The P 3115T model is specifically designed for outdoor installations in harsh weather conditions. It is made of high-quality plastic and has a one-piece housing that is resistant to UV radiation and has an IP55 degree of protection. The speakers are powered by RCF IPS 3700 and Ashly amplifiers. The audio signal is produced by the fountain control processor using musical material prepared for various multimedia show scenarios. Overall, the RCF sound system has been a great addition to the multimedia fountain in Jedlina-Zdrój, providing a high-quality sound that enhances the experience for visitors.

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