Event 13 Feb 2015

RCF's HDL10-A makes its mark with Panache

When Dave Ong set up Panache Audio Systems in Rochester, Kent, 17 years ago, RCF was one of the first brands he invested in.
He had run RCF rigs in his previous life as a DJ, and today — with his wide roster of production work complementing installation projects in the educational sector, he has recently invested again.
This time Panache has added eight elements of HDL10-A, the electronically processed, scaled down version of RCF’s groundbreaking HDL20-A active line array. And as an experienced sound engineer, he knew that by adding six of RCF’s SUB8004-AS (single 18in) enclosures he could create a cardioid broadside array to steer the low frequencies exactly where required in any situation.
Ong explains, “I had been looking for a mid-sized PA for sometime but there was just nothing suitable. The HDL20-A was a great box, but a bit too big for our purpose. But then the HDL10-A came out, which ticks all the boxes and fits into the price bracket.”
Housed in a stylish composite cabinet, this compact system is notable for its purpose designed transducers, 1400W peak power amplifier and DSP controlled input section (with selectable presets). “It’s a great system and I’m really enjoying using it,” states Dave Ong. “In fact it’s out on duty all the time".
“Because RCF make their own drivers the sound is incredibly hi-fi: people talk about the clean clinical top end is and how they can hear the separation and definition in the instruments.
“It’s also extremely powerful. In fact we’ve been using it in situations where we would previously have used our main large-scale PA system!”
Finally, he confirms, it’s an easy system to ground-stack or fly. “The way all the boxes link together with the built in bracketry is really straightforward and we can simply wheel in four cells at a time on the dollies, straight into position".
Dave Ong also gives himself even greater control by splitting the system, using a two-way analogue crossover to enable him to lift the bottom end via a separate aux in the mixing console. “That way, we get even more versatility,” he says.
And so the system joins a hire stock which also includes RCF’s big-selling ART series loudspeakers and P1108-T, weatherproof, wide dispersion and high quality 100V line system, popular at the annual ‘Winter Wonderland’ ice rinks.
Speaking of versatility, Panache Audio Systems also operate two outdoor mobile stage units, providing the client with a complete concert package, while Dave Ong also conducts regular workshops “to get kids interested in production at an early stage”.
Future RCF users perhaps?