Corporate 19 Nov 2019


Event Center, RCF’s Estonian distributor, recently hosted an RCF Clients Day, which was attended by around 60 people.

The event was held in the newly remodelled Kaja Cultural Center, close to Event Center’s HQ in Tallinn, and the presentation was supported by RCF Product Specialist (Audio Pro), Lucio Boiardi Serri. He, in turn, took visitors on a fascinating, in-depth journey through the manufacturer’s professional portfolio, and the potential applications.

The underlying purpose was to conduct a morning’s training concerning line array theory and behaviour, as well as RCF’s policy on system management and workflow, and included segments on RDnet and sub configurations. “It was  more or less  the official RCF Open Day format,” stated Lucio.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive … and it is still coming in”

A large selection of TT/TTL, HD/HDL, ART, EVOX and NX speakers were on display, and the RCF man explained, “We held a 4+4 HDL 30-A line array demo, working with 2+2 SUB 9006-AS—both in end fire and gradient configurations.” 

He confirmed that the event had received an encouraging response, since it was the first time that such an open day had been held in Estonia. 
Event Center Marketing Manager, Taavi Kasemägi, agreed. Summarising the success of the Clients Day, he said, “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive … and it is still coming in.”