One night a year, from sunset to sunrise, a large part of the Italian Adriatic Riviera turns into an explosion of lights, sounds, images, and colors with concerts, theatrical performances, installations, exhibitions, and magical settings. The "Summer’s New Year's Eve" is the way it is defined by many locals.

RCF speakers have always been used in installations and events of the Notte Rosa Adriatica, this year in particular for a concert by the award-winning Italian artist Giusy Ferreri in Marina di Ravenna, not far from the beach. Giusy Ferreri achieved fame in 2008, participating and ranking second in the first edition of the Italian talent show, X-Factor. With a 10 year career as a professional, she owns two Italian records: she’s the singer launched by an Italian talent show to have sold more copies in the world, and she is the artist who stayed longer at number 1 of the Italian singles chart (47 weeks with the songs Never forget you, November, Rome-Bangkok, Amore e Capoeira, and Jambo), breaking a record previously held by the singer Madonna (38 weeks at the top).

“I have always been struck by the definition of the mid-high end of RCF’s premier systems”

The square was packed, with an audience of over 8,000 people. Massimiliano Salin, the artist's FOH engineer, describes his modus operandi: "We are guests, so this is half-production, with the main audio system provided by Romagna Sound on this occasion. The artist's genre ranges from rock to ballad to the summer hits that for four years have brought Ferreri to the top of the national charts. The Italian squares are always large and overflowing, so I always need a good PA with adequate coverage, remotable and controllable in every part from FOH, as in this case with RDNet. I spend a lot of my time on the configuration of the SUBs with the local PAs. I like ‘democratic coverage’, when possible, and I prefer a subwoofer arc with the speakers distributed in front of the stage. In this way, I can have good coverage even at long distances without hurting people in the front rows. Frontfills are also important to satisfy the fans of the front row, who are usually the ones who have the closest relationship with the artist."

To have enough power and precision, a system of 16 HDL 30-A, eight modules per side were hung. The HDL 30-A, thanks to the very low crossover frequency, demand the majority of the vocal range to the 4” titanium dome driver, for a crystal clear vocal radiation. On the ground were eight 18” double active SUB 9006-AS subwoofers plus four HDL 26-A frontfills. "The system is perfectly tuned, with optimal coverage over the whole audience. RCF is always an assurance for us," says Mirco Dal Re of Romagna Sound, the sound provider.

The system is perfectly tuned, with optimal coverage over the whole audience. RCF is always an assurance for us

"I have been fortunate enough to work frequently with important brands, especially with classical music, and I have always been struck by the definition of the mid-high end of RCF’a premier systems, such as the TT series." Continues Max Salin, "Before tuning the PA, and after checking that all the components are working, I usually send pink noise and a song through the main PA, possibly with the sub off. The PA of higher quality sounds good even without tuning or EQ! HDL 30-A behaved very well and without smudging. I would certainly have wanted a few more modules because we didn't expect such a crowded square. I was impressed by the SUB 9006-AS, as I find them more efficient and faster than the old RCF sub, a clear improvement." 

Mirco Dal Re compliments the FOH sound engineer and the system engineer." I am increasingly convinced that I chose the right brand when I bought my first RCF system many years ago, and this is further confirmation."
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